Services That We Offer
We have over a decade of experience with the internet and we have watched some amazing changes to the web as it morphs on a daily basis. Neptune Enterprises likes to deliver a web site that our clients can be proud of. Something that is unique and visually pleasing and works well on the internet. We provide custom graphics that will set you apart from the competition. Check out our Client Sites

Interface Web Design
Neptune Enterprises has a creative way to design sites. We like to know your target audience, and your competition. We also like to gather information on our client's taste. What colors do they favor, corporate branding standards, etc. What is the purpose of the site? We want to gather all the elements such as pictures to tell the story and the text content. This helps the designer to tell your story about your business. The design is what the end user(your customer) will see. Not the backend coding. The coding is important so that the web site can function properly. Customers tell a book by it's color. Your web site sends a message right away when someone opens it.

After the design is approved. The pages need to be coded. Our programmers can determine what you may need for a database or what type of code will be used for the project.

Basic Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is about getting your site in the rankings and also submitted to the search engines. We provide a basic search engine optimization as we build for basic SEO. SEO is really up to the client on what type of campaign should be launched. We provide basic SEO when we build but getting up there on the listings is done by figuring out your keywords, meta tag descriptions, links, name and descriptions of links, pay per click campaigns (adwords), sitemaps for the search engines and links from other sites that hold high rankings. Most of this is determined by your budget and competition.

Flash Animation
Flash is great for video and animation for the web. Flash can keep a site to look more interactive with your user and great for showing a product or service. It helps visually telling your story and strengths of your product or service. The web has been changing and for search engine optimization, flash cannot be read from the spiders. This is not to an advantage if you have links going to the flash banner. Flash can make your site have that custom look and feel to it that you just can't get from other coded effects. But it should be used wisely.

E-Commerce is for selling your products or service online. There is much to be done when it comes to e-commerce. Images of products, weights of packaging, product information, worldwide shipping or USA/Canada shipping, creditcards,paypal, etc.

Content Management
Manage Your text and manage your images for your site. If you are a company that does weekly or monthly changes to your site, we can set your site up to allow you to make basic changes.

The Basic Web Design Process

When designing a web site, many factors are needed to complete the project. We will work together with you to give our you what you want. There are a few steps that have to happen in order to gauge the job. We start by Project Scoping the job.

Project Scope

We need to scope out the project by having a meeting with the client. Here is where we find out your wants and needs are. Our goal is to find out how many pages, what type of code and how custom will the site be. We then design a site map with all of the links and sub links for the site.

Site Map

A site map is great for the client to see how many pages they actually have and what sub pages come from other pages. It is a like family tree of pages for you to review. This places the client and the studio on the same page.

Interface Design

After discussing colors and the look and feel that the client likes, we began the interface design process. We design three home pages for you to choose from. This will also cover the navigation for the site. We will need the copy(text) and any available images to design with.


The construction of the navigation, page creation and coding, and the flash animation. We will also insert your company information at this time. Client will review site upon completion and give any revision at this time.


We will test the site on different browsers and make sure all the links are correct as well as look for any problems. If you have signed up for SEO then we will submit you to the search engines.

Images And Text Content Is Needed In Order To Start To Build Your Web Site

Building a site is much like building a house. You need cement and building material to build a house. If you do not have the wood for the framing of the house and building materials to complete the house, then there is no house. We realize that this can be challenging for our clients. We offer photography for images and if you need help writing text for your business we can help you with that as well. Ask us what we can do for you!