Search Engine Optimization
We currently create our sites to be search engine friendly. We place meta tags with keywords, descriptions for the pages, and site maps for search engines to better spider your site. We also submit you to the major search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is determined by your budget and a campaign in order to be truely effective. Relevency also can be determined by the number and quality of incoming links to your site. Incoming links that take people to your site from another site that has high relevency can help your site to climb up the list. Adwords and other pay per click methods will get you noticed on the web.

Site Maps For The Search Engines
A site map is great for the client to see how many pages they actually have and what sub pages come from other pages. The important part of the site maps is the search engines can see all of the links to your pages. It helps to further index your site onto the web. One more small part of getting the site optimized for the search engines.

The SEO Campaign
Whether you have a new site or an existing site, your keywords and descriptions should be changed and massaged to help you climb further into the rankings. The page content, keywords, and image descriptions help when the content matches the descriptions and keywords.
We recommend "The Search Guru" to generate heavy traffic to your site. This is for companies that are serious about being ranked high in the search engines. Read more about The Search Guru...