The Product Packaging Design Process

We start at the beginning with a meeting or phone conference to discuss what the client has in mind. If you are not sure, you can count on our creative staff to design a unique set of samples. We determine your target audience, the competition, and how to create something better. The market at this time is going green environmental. Also turning to have products built in the USA. Keep this in mind. We then call the packaging company to get specs and a template if available from the company. Depending on the budget and packaging company, colors will be determined for the job. Sometimes packaging companies charge by the color. That is why we contact the graphics or press department. After acquiring the the specs and template we can start to create the package design samples. After reviewing the samples we will revise the package design and check that all the elements are on the product package. After approval of the product package. It is sent to the print shop to go to press.

Product Packaging

Do you have a new product or maybe you want to re-package your older product to sell better on the shelves? Sometimes the way the market changes the product packaging may need to shift to entice the buyer and make him feel comfortable and safe buying your product. The competition is also watching and adjusting their product campaigns to. Product Packaging can be from a simple label to a boxed product, to a bag of coffee and into a to-go coffee cup.

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