Convention Material

We have experience with Convention Material. Booth signs and other material like handouts, brochures and theme giveaways trinkets. We try to take into consideration that you will be transporting your booth in a crate to a convention center. Give your sales staff a fighting chance by arming them with great marketing materials. The business cards need to be great and the material down to the booth should draw people to you.

Business Cards

This is the next step after getting your logo done. Business cards have changed dramatically over the past few years. Full color on a two sided card on a thick stock that can hold up. We create samples of both sides of the card to choose from. A card is important because that is what you will place in the hands of a perspective client or customer first. They will be judging a book by it's cover at first. Make sure to give a good impression the first time you hand out your card. You want them to place some importance and value to your card. A good business card can work years after you have given it away.

Magazine Advertising

Need an advertisement for a magazine. We will work with the publisher to ensure the right kind of file that needs to be created. We will also find out the color restrictions,size, and dpi specs. Use our creativity to come up with an ad that the competition will take a second look at. The customers will take notice. The more different ads you run, the better your response from the public will be. The best way to push your product is with very creative ads and if you can afford a full page, front cover or back cover it can pay off (if you can afford it). That magazine will sit on someone's desk or table and if your company name is sitting there on the front page, subliminally they get comfortable seeing your name over and over. When it is time to purchase they will more likely go to you because of familiarity.

Marketing Material To Complete Your Business

Business cards and brochures for the business. Sign design for storefronts. Anything that the public will see can be considered marketing materials. Your sales staff need tools to sell your business. We design those tools to your specifications and any creative freedom that is allowed by the client. We are full of ideas.
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Brochures, Rack Cards, Post Cards, And Signs

Brochures, rack cards, and postcards are great when you want to tell clients and customers more about your business. Great for convention handouts and for mailers. A must for a sales staff.