logo design

Product Packaging

More and more products are being sold thru clever product packaging and great graphics to tell the story of what the product has to offer. This is also part of corporate branding. How a customer sees your product on the shelf with the competition's product next to yours.
logo design

Corporate ID.(Logos)

Corporate Id is building a face for your company. One that best represents what the company's services or products stand for. We take logo design very seriously. It is the very first element that someone sees of your company. We illustrate your concept into digital graphics that can be used for other projects. Such as signs for your business or business cards.
logo design

Biz Cards, Brochures, Letterhead

Get your business up and running by getting stellar business cards, eye grabbing brochures, and letterhead for mailing your invoices out. You want to put your best foot forward and look professional. Let us help you create your marketing materials for your business to grow.
logo design

Corporate Branding

Having all of your marketing material, web site, graphics standards, font standards, colors, and matching logo as to set standards for the company to work from. It also helps customers to recognize the company or product by having a familiar face to identify and feel comfortable with.

Graphic Design And Creativity

Graphic Design can cover a vast amount of projects that ranges from business card design, brochures, magazine ads, product packaging, web site graphics, to convention signage. Anything that needs a graphic to tell a story, we can do it. Neptune Enterprises can illustrate your ideas and turn your concepts to reality. We also have a great creative staff that can help with your marketing campaigns. We create our own graphics and illustrations. We also use professional photos to express your business. We can help you to attack your target market with a competitive edge. We take care of our clients.

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