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  Experience And Creativity

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Bringing Creativity For Over A Decade

Coming from an Artistic background in many mediums, we bring that artistic touch to each site.We have been doing graphics and designing sites since 1997. The internet was in the early stages of it's power on the world. Animation was done with gifs instead of flash and was very primitive. As designers we had a tough time dealing with the download speed of a page. 56k modems were the standard. As the web grew, we evolved as well. Faster download speeds really helped with bringing animation and streaming videos a reality. This allowed us to become more interactive with the users surfing a site. Using creativity when designing a site, we can now customize a look and feel that is not a cookie cutter design template. We like to create new designs for our clients to choose one. We also understand user psychology. Having experience with the way a site is designed is largely driven by your target audience. Will it be information driven or are we entertaining your client to get them excited about your services? Maybe both.

We also have a marketing background that is rich in print. From convention booth signage to a business card, or product packaging. We have experience for all your needs. Press experience. Over the years, we have learned that in order to get the job done right, you need to be in contact with the print shop that is printing the work. This way there is not wasted time and money during the project. Each project will have certain specs that have to be addressed. 4 color, pantone colors, file formats, or template specs. We handle that part of the business so you don't have to.

Combining Print And The Web

Having experience working for corporations has helped us grow in all areas of business. Corporate branding, major marketing campaigns, and web site development allows us to integrate the two together. If you need print to match your site, we can do that. Best to project scope the campaign and evaluate what you need to attack your target audience. If you need help on where to start as far as taking your company to the next level, we can discuss and scope out what should be your next step to getting your company to be reconized for your demographics. Talk to the people that will be working on your project directly. Communication and Creativity is key to reaching your goals.

In today's world of business, times have changed customer service and company values to a less than desirable environment for the customer. This studio has always been about taking care of our clients and building projects to their wants and needs and giving all we have with our creativity and designs. More... neptune As a company, it is important to be involved in your community. Because it is tough times for many of our fellow americans, we like to help out the homeless. There are families and veterans that have fought for this country that are out on the streets. More...
The artwork you are about to see is a miscellaneous mix of mostly color pencil and a bit of Illustration and Digital Imaging. We have placed this section on our site in order for our clients and potential clients to see that we have an artistic background to compliment the computer skills to create unique sites that our clients and us can be proud of. More... neptune We are very lucky to have the clients that we currently do work for. Because they come from referrals, they are usually recommended from our clients that we have built a trust for. We want you to be happy when you decide to let us create some artwork for you. Our testimonials come from clients that know we care about their business being successful. More...
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