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Homeless American Family Count Rises

There has been a big increase on homeless people in our town. They are like ghosts to other people that pass them by or seeing them with there life's savings all in one basket. As americans, we need to help our people during these hard times. Giving when you yourself and your family fight to stay alive is more important now more than ever. Anyone can end up on the streets with a few bad bounces that may have come their way. Neptune helps with blankets and clothes and a few bucks from time to time. If you have a sleeping bag or some camping gear you may not want, give it to a person that is down on their luck. A hot meal is always welcome. We see veterans that have served their country and are currently homeless. America sends all kinds of money overseas to other countries in foreign aid then we turn our heads to our own people. This could be your best friend and family as the country kilter's financially. If you have work for someone, consider a homeless person to help out. Most want to work and take care of themselves. They may have lost their homes but not their pride.

Fixing Computers For Cancer Patients

A little known part of Neptune's Studio is our IT department. They help keep our computers up to tip top shape and also fix other client's computers. IBM trained and certified as well as Dell certified. Vicki Frate helps out cancer patients with their computers by fixing them for little or no money. If we have the spare part we will replace it for no cost. When you are sick and you have cancer, the internet is the connection to the rest of the world. It is how some patients stay in touch with others. They also can do research and find specialist in other cities. Because of the high cost of drugs and treatment, many just don't have the money to run maintenance. We clean up their computer and get it back to working condition. We also part out computers that are no longer working. We take the parts and put computers together. Then we give computers to cancer patients that cannot recover their computer. Once again, the computer is their life line when you don't want or can't leave their home. There are many ways to help your fellow man without dishing out a bunch of money. All you need to be is a little creative.

In today's world of business, times have changed customer service and company values to a less than desirable environment for the customer. This studio has always been about taking care of our clients and building projects to their wants and needs and giving all we have with our creativity and designs. More... neptune With over a decade of experience, our design studio has worked for large corporations as well as smaller mom pop businesses. We will work closely with project managers and business owners a like. More...
The artwork you are about to see is a miscellaneous mix of mostly color pencil and a bit of Illustration and Digital Imaging. We have placed this section on our site in order for our clients and potential clients to see that we have an artistic background to compliment the computer skills to create unique sites that our clients and us can be proud of. More... neptune We are very lucky to have the clients that we currently do work for. Because they come from referrals, they are usually recommended from our clients that we have built a trust for. We want you to be happy when you decide to let us create some artwork for you. Our testimonials come from clients that know we care about their business being successful. More...
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